7 Ways to Use a Pregnancy Pillow

What's so different about BellaMoon™ Pregnancy Pillows?

Pregnancy is one of the most magical experiences a woman can go through, but lets be real, it's not without it's aches and pains. There's the morning sickness, the tiredness, the constant toilet trips, the back ache, the heartburn, the PGP, the pressure around the bump and joint pain to contend with. You need a pillow that is going to support you in so many different ways, not just one.

So we have made a quick round up of some of the best ways to use a pregnancy pillow, and why our award-winning modular BellaMoon™ Pregnancy Pillow is so unique and better than any other on the market.

Our award-winning, modular design allows you to zip off the ends to target specific areas prone to pain or discomfort. Patented worldwide, with beautiful unique fabric designs to complement your interior, it is highly worthy of it's consistent 5-star customer reviews.

1. In Front of your Bump

The most popular way to use a full body pillow. The head is rested and elevated at the top end. The knees are either side of the pillow helping to support the hips and relieve pain. The back is aligned relieving any pressure. The ankles are supported comfortably. In this position weight can also be taken off bump by the long middle section of the pillow.


2. Around your Back

Similar to position 1, however, having the pillow up around your back means you can tuck your knees up higher, preventing your legs from pulling your spine out of alignment. This position provides extra support around the back and prevents rolling.



3. Upright Rest, under your Bump and around your Back

Perfect for when you are resting upright during the day but still require some additional support around the back and under the bump.



4. Bump Wedge

Unzipping one of the small curved pillows, place under the bump to create a bump wedge, which helps to take all the weight off your bump and relieve pressure. This is especially good during warm weather when you don't want too much around you.


5. Bump Wedge & Back Support

You can use the different modules to target specific areas prone to pain, for example you can use the bump wedge but also add the long pillow to your lower back if suffering from back pain. Or under the knees if suffering from pain in the legs.


6. Under Knees for Back Alignment

It is advised that you sleep on your side when pregnant to help with blood flow however, if you are suffering from severe back pain and need immediate relief, you can place the long pillow under your knees as you rest to help align your spin and reduce pain quickly.


7. Under the Head to Reduce Heartburn

Heartburn flares up in many women during pregnancy and one of the best ways to reduce the discomfort is to sleep with the head slightly elevated.

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