Sleep-Pod v Nursing Nest - What is the Difference?

Sleep Pods have been around for a very long time.  We all know what they are, what they look like, where to buy them and generally for they are used for.

Lot of our customers have asked us what is the difference between BellaMoon Lie Down Nursing Nest and a Baby Sleep Pod/Baby Lounger.  Do we need both? Do we need either?

It is time to de-mystify the differences between both a Sleep Pod and a BellaMoon so you can decide what works best for you.

Essentially - they are both entirely different products, with very different uses.



Breastfeeding, Cuddle Curl


The BellaMoon Lie-Down Nursing Nest is designed to support both Mother and Baby lying together side by side when lateral breastfeeding in bed (or on top the bed).The raised baby mattress provides a hygienic and firm base to feed, whilst improving your latch by raising baby up closer to your breast for a comfortable feed.

Sleep pods are designed for somewhere for baby to lounge / lie down separately. You cannot breastfeed whilst baby is lying in a Sleep Pod as baby is fully enclosed by raised, padded sides. Mothers are required to physically lift baby out to sit up and feed. 

At Bellamoon, we recognised the need for an ultra-safe, semi enclosed aid which allows baby to feed lying down in or on the bed. We have outlined the safety aspects below.

BellaMoon Lie-Down Nursing Nest

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BellaMoon's Lie-Down Nursing Nest clever patented design allows Mothers to laterally breastfeed in the universal side-lying breastfeeding position with both comfort and protection. Our signature Anti-Roll Fin* between Mum and baby is a strong structural component which prevents rolling and infringing baby’s space during lateral breastfeeding.


The outer edge of the BellaMoon Lie-Down Nursing Nest has a unique Inclined Anti-Roll Barrier* which prevents baby from rolling off the edge of the bed, and is robust enough to remind your partner (if present) that baby is present and feeding.

The main point of difference here is that you cannot breastfeeding using a Sleep Pod - baby must be physically lifted out - whereas with BellaMoon Lie-Down Nursing Nest - you can stay lying down to breastfeed.



Sleep pods are designed for babies to lie in alone – hence why they are fully enclosed.
BellaMoon Lie-Down Nursing Nest is
designed for Mother and Baby to lie and feed together. At BellaMoon, we believe that baby is so little for such a short space of time in its life, that all these moments of togetherness should be cherished.
The space above babies head is fully open for breathability and to prevent a build-up of heat, whilst allowing Mum to naturally lovingly cocoon herself around her baby and kiss their head during lateral feeding.



Sleep pods are designed for baby’s comfort – whereas BellaMoon Lie-Down Nursing Nest can be extended to include a Mothers back support pillow, to allow for the enhanced comfort of both Mother and baby.

Build a BellaMoon into a complete cocoon system by adding on the Pregnancy Pillow for back support

The Full Moon 7-in-1 System
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The BellaMoon 3-in-1 Pregnancy Pillow can be added on to the Lie-Down Nursing Nest to give deep comfort to pain points in Mums back, neck, shoulders and hips when feeding on her side.
It is this closeness and bond during lateral breastfeeding which lies at the very core of BellaMoon and we celebrate this position wholeheartedly.




BellaMoon is not just for lateral feeding! When you build it up to form the complete Deluxe 7-in-1 Pregnancy and Nursing System, there are lots of different functions – 7+ overall! This includes;


So all in all – BellaMoon Lie-Down Nursing Nest is a completely different product to a sleep pod. It offers different functions and benefits, and is very much focused around Mother as well as baby. It’s usable life ranges from pregnancy through to 18 months and beyond.


If you have any questions, just drop us a message on our website


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