Floral Collection


"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper"
- William Butler Yeats

We are honoured to collaborate with talented Irish Artist Eilis Galbraith in the design of this beautiful limited edition floral collection. Eilis is not only an accomplished Irish Artist and textile designer, but also a Mother to two beautiful young children. He collections are inspired by Irish country living, taking inspiration from her rural surroundings.


Sweet & Wild

Irish Artist Eilis Galbraith has a simple morning routine with her baby. She watches the sunrise over her wildflower garden - encapsulating the slow and long early days and nights as a new Mother, where the simple pleasures in life become paramount.

BellaMoon Pregnancy Pillow



Field of Blossoms

The inspiration for this design comes from Irish artist Eilis Galbraith and her simple daily routine as a new mother. Every morning, Eilis and her baby look out at a field full of wildflowers and sweet blossoms to watch the sunrise. She does this for her baby - but most of all she does this for herself.

BellaMoon Eilis Galbraith