Mythical Collection


Fairy Tree

Do you believe in fairies?

We grew up on a small farm in the West of Ireland which had a Fairy Thorn in the field. Every summer as we made our way down the fields to make the hay, we stood in awe of the Fairy Tree, imagining where these little folk coming out at night to play. Like most people in Ireland, we all respected and protected our Fairy Tree. This crooked, mysterious tree was and still is full of wonder.


Feather Nest

Life may have changed, but this time is entirely for you - immerse yourself in a feather-light moment and contemplate the future with clarity.

Our Feather Nest range is about relaxation, feeling safe and protected in the arms of an angel.

Moon Stone

The ancients in Ireland passed wisdom from one generation to another through close words and markings preserved in stone. Kerb Stone 78, found at Knowth near Newgrange depicts the path of the moon across the sky. It records the past in order to bring what’s to come closer.

Irish Mythology is full of myths and legends about giants, such as Fionn McCool. As children, we always thought that large stones in the landscape were just little pebbles that the giants dropped out of their pockets when walking across the mountains.


For me, a grid of dots is a guideline - a space that’s just asking to be filled with life. Inspired by the optical art created by Escher and Bridget Riley, this pattern is a simple, powerful addition to any home.