5 Simple Breastfeeding Positions to help you and baby


Baby is coming and you really hope to breastfeed?  Being prepared is key, so here are a rundown of our top 5 best breastfeeding positions using a simple upright pillow support. 

We have demonstrated these using the BellaMoon™ New Moon Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow.


1. The Rugby Hold

A fantastic position if you are recovering from a C-section or if you have large breasts. The rugby or underarm hold may be a comfortable position for you as it is an easier position to maintain because it keeps your baby's weight off your abdomen. With your elbow bent, hold your baby beside you, level with your waist. Support your baby's head with an open hand, and face her toward your breast. Her back will rest on your forearm.


2. The Koala

Sit in a chair on on the bed with enough support for your back, your baby sits straddling your thigh, or on your hip, with their spine and head upright as they feeds. The koala hold is the perfect position for babies who suffer from reflux or ear infections (who often prefer to be upright), and it can also work well with babies who have a tongue-tie or low muscle tone.


3. Side Support

This position is perfect for larger babies or older toddlers when you need some support for your arm but don't necessarily need support around your front. This is also a good position in particularly warmer weather or if you want skin on skin.


4. Cradle Hold

The cradle hold is an easy nursing position to learn. It's a great position when you're first starting out because it allows you to easily view your nipple and your baby's mouth. When using a nursing pillow like our BellaMoon™, it also frees up your hands whilst baby's head is supported by your arm.

5. Laid-back

For many many women, this can be the first experience you have of breastfeeding. As baby is born into the world and placed on your chest. It encourages many of your baby’s natural reflexes,
such as rooting (looking for the breast) and later on, head bobbing and cycling of the arms. Great for strengthening. It's a fantastic way to unwind and relax as you nourish your little one.



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