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We have admirably followed the BellaMoon journey since it began - the passion and drive that their Founder Irene has for their products is infectious and inspiring.  When we found out we were pregnant we knew we had to try out the Full Moon for ourselves and experience the 'Cocoon'.

I breastfed my first baby Zac and often used the lateral feeding position as that was when I could rest too, however my back and neck often paid the price as even though I was lying down I was tense and scared to move in case it disturbed the feed or worse still, woke Zac! (He was a terrible sleeper!) When I heard about BellaMoon I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t out there already, it’s exactly what I had needed!



BellaMoon was launched just in time for my second baby Rory. When the BellaMoon Full Moon arrived I literally couldn’t wait to try it out, I had been dreaming about it!! I opened the box up and zipped it altogether, and lay down to feed Rory, it was heavenly! It supported me everywhere that needed it, I could fully relax my whole body. Rory was also far better supported, the mattress part of his pod gives him more support so he doesn’t roll into me the same way he would feeding on the bed and subsequently I’ve noticed his latch has improved and the ability to latch on laterally.



It is clear to see that a mother has designed The BellaMoon, it creates and encapsulates the unique moments of nurturing between mother and baby while providing ultimate comfort and relaxation for both. There is a soft structural removable wedge between mum and baby which prevents mum from rolling but still allows full access for baby to breastfeed. The outer edge of the baby side is sloped to prevent baby rolling out of the bed.



The BellaMoon Full Moon doesn’t end there, it is a clever multifunctional design with several products in one:

  • 1. A pregnancy pillow,
  • 2. A breastfeeding day bed,
  • 3. A breastfeeding night pod,
  • 4. A sitting up breastfeeding pillow,
  • 5. A breastfeeding privacy cover, and,
  • 6. A baby lounger

There aren’t many baby products out there that have such longevity that you can use from pregnancy right through your breast feeding journey and beyond. The Full Moon retails at the higher end of the market, however I believe it is a solid investment for any mum/mum to be, after all you really can’t put a price on quality rest, every second is precious!




The BellaMoon would make a fantastic gift for an expectant mum, so many presents are given for the baby alone, to give something that’s as much for the mother as the baby would make the ultimate gift!

It’s safe to say I am an avid fan and I only wish I had one sooner! I’m looking forward to continuing our breastfeeding journey in The BellaMoon!


Kerry x






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